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As a traditionally trained joiner, I take pride in making sympathetically designed, beautiful pieces from locally sourced, indigenous wood to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. I don't do mass production. Everything is hand made, keeping alive traditional skills and creating future family heirlooms for my clients.


- Design and making of furniture
- Design, production and fitting of joinery
- Restoration of a wide range of furniture
- Replication of existing designs
- Lathe turning e.g. matching stair spindles
- Repairing and matching incomplete and broken pieces
- Short runs of joinery e.g. stairs, windows and doors
- Specialist in traditional chair making
- Gun stock making and repairing
- Clock case renovation
- Mould making and casting

 Please visit the gallery for a visual overview of my work and commissions.

Background and Experience

At the age of 16, I was apprenticed to a small, traditional joinery company in Lincolnshire. The workshop originated in Victorian times with many of the traditional tools and techniques dating back to that era too. Most of the processes were still carried out by hand, for example we didn't have a router or spindle moulder, instead we had sets of moulding planes which I was taught how to sharpen and use. We even used to sharpen our own saws.

After 5 years I received my indentures and, following 4 years at Boston College, received my City and Guilds - Advanced Craft.

At this point I moved to London, gaining a reputation for and specialising in renovating Georgian and Victorian houses. This gave me an eye for detail to match new work with original designs and features; seamlessly blending the new with the old to maintain a balanced look and feel.

After running a successful renovation business for 24 years, I have now moved to Shropshire where I am in the privileged position of having built my own workshop and furnished it with all of the tools and machinery that I need to construct most things out of wood.

Being taught my trade using hand tools has put me in a good position to bring to you, the client, that one off piece that will enhance and endure in any home.