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Spanish Gun Stock (AYA) Old English Walnut

Spanish Gun Stock (AYA) Old English Walnut

This was an unusual commission from a local shooting enthusiast, having seen some of my other work; he came to me with a broken 12 bore gun stock. This Spanish made, high end gun required precision tailoring to match the owner's stature and hand. After sourcing some old, English Walnut I cut the stock roughly to shape, keeping the blank in the house for a few weeks to let the wood acclimatise. After making a few templates I cut the blank to almost the right size on the band saw. Using spoke shaves and chisels I perfected the shape of the original stock. The painstaking process continued; fitting the metal work with the minimal removal of wood and ensuring the correct off set of the barrels, the gun stock was bent slightly at the neck to match the owner's right handed requirements. The completed stock was hand finished with boiled linseed oil to bring out the lustre of the grain, a beautiful result!

"Amazing! create such a quality masterpiece is a mark of his skills and ability.... I would not hesitate to commend his quality workmanship to anyone. Many thanks Greg - a true craftsman"

Tony Betts February 2013